2019 Meet and Ride Pictures

Letourneau Ride

These pics are from Nelson's Ice Cream in Stillwater.  Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of any cones or dishes of ice cream when first made, as I could not hang onto ice cream and camera both!!  Blue was definitely the color of the day and yes, many of us had to use the outside sink to wash up when we were finished!!
Joan Swenson

Stillwater and the awesome new bridge!

Koenig Butterfield Ride

Barnesville Meet, Parade, and Rides, hosted by the Ellefsons

Click here for the Parade Video

                                      Arnie Ellefson sharing a story.

These are Friday evening pictures when we rode to Rothshay.

Interesting that our leader, Ted Ellefson, asked if anyone needed gas at that stop and everyone said "No".  Who ran out of gas on our way back but our fearless leader, Ted!!  But you have to understand it was the first time he had rode his Trailster that far and he did have gas on the sag wagon.  But unfortunately at the last minute someone else drove their vehicle and trailer as sag wagon and poor Ted was left with no gas and had to be loaded!  We salute Ted for trying!!

Joan Swenson

Winter Meeting in Mankato

        Minnesota Cushman Club Officers (for the next 3 years)