History of Cushman Scooters


Cushman scooters were made by the Cushman Company in Lincoln, Nebraska from 1936-1965.  Manufacture of the scooters ended because of the influx of Japanese built motorcycles.


Cushman scooters were used at airfields during WWII and a model called the Airborne was dropped by parachute behind enemy lines.  A soldier, also parachuting in, would use a scooter for messenger service and to get around installing radio communications.


Cushman had a lot of scooter models:  20 Series, 30 Series, Autoglide, Military Airborne, Civilian Airborne, 50 Series, Sears Allstate, 60 Series, Highlander, Pacemaker, Roadking, Trailster, Barrel Spring Eagle, Springer Eagle, Cast Iron Eagle, Silver Eagle, Shriner Silver Eagle and the Super Silver Eagle.


Cushman scooters travel an average of 45 mph.  The two-speed cast iron engine produces a full 8 horsepower, capable of speeds around 55 mph.  Some models are outfitted with aluminum, 9 horsepower motors.  The Cushman Eagle was the most popular series produced 1950-1965.  It also included the Silver and Super Silver Eagles produced 1961-1965.